Trees and hedging provide the framework of a garden, and it’s important to make the right choice before you start digging.

Carmel’s offers a variety of ornamental and fruit trees, and friendly advice means that it’s easy to find the perfect specimen whether you’re looking for a single show-stopper or are planning to start a mini-forest.

Hedging is always in demand as a durable and living alternative to fencing, providing privacy and structure in exchange for just a few hours of maintenance during the year. From popular favourites like beech and laurel to more exotic alternatives such as Photinia ‘Red Robin’ or the night-scented evergreen Pittosporum, there’s a wide range to choose from. In season, give your hedge the best possible start and economize too by planting young bare-rooted plants – they’ll grow faster and stronger than plants from pots if you prepare the ground well and give them a little protection on exposed sites.