A splash of colour

is what most people want to see in their garden, lifting the dull days and making time spent outside on the sunny ones even more enjoyable. Plants and shrubs from Carmel’s offer something for every gardener all year round.

red bedding salvias

Whether you’re looking for flamboyant annuals for containers, hanging baskets and bedding, or prefer watching herbaceous schemes develop through the season and from year to year, Carmel’s selection of plants varies from week to week, keeping pace with the seasons and offering eye-catching colours in every shade and shape.

Even the smallest garden can be given structure and colour with the right choice of shrubs. Springtime favourites such as forsythia and lilac, Mexican orange blossom – Choisya – and the newest varieties of buddleia, the ‘butterfly bush’ offer plenty of interest through summer and autumn. Strategically placed scented viburnums and sarcococca, the Christmas box, are sure to lift the spirits in the shorter days of winter and help to define space until the new growing season bursts into life.