Making your own compost takes time, space, and a little effort.

Most of us prefer to buy our sowing and potting composts ready-made – all the more so when it’s a question of ericaceous compost for lime-hating plants or specialist mixtures for orchids or aquatic planting. Carmel keeps a full range of these garden essentials from the leading suppliers, with bags in different sizes to suit gardens large and small.

Gravel and decorative stone

In addition to the selection of composts, you’ll find a great choice of horticultural and decorative aggregates and mulches, including grit to lighten heavy soils and improve drainage, and stone, gravel and bark mulches to top off containers and retain moisture, or help suppress weeds and deter cats while giving your beds and borders the perfect finishing touch.

Whether it’s a single 25kg bag or a tonne sack, you’ll find just what you need to complete the job.